Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wed Night Lesson - 1 Corinthians 6:1-20

1 Corinthians 6:1-20

  1. Disagreements among believers
    1. (v1) Were they so bold as to do this?
      1. Lawsuits ... perhaps Criminal Charges?
      2. Secular courts -
        1. the unjust = the unjustified, the defiled
        2. the saints - in contrast to the cleaned and pure
        3. Truly just judgment is less likely to come from secular courts.
    2. (v2) Saints qualified to Judge
      1. Promise of God is that we will Rule and Reign with him for 1000 years
      2. Judge the world, why not day to day grievances
      3. (v3) Judge angels
        1. Even more so, earthly judgment
    3. (v4) Considering the Christian's qualifications
      1. 2 Possible interpretations
        1. Its a Question - Why do you choose people the church doesn't even spiritually respect(ie, secular judges)
        2. Its a Command - Even the least respected church member would be a better judge than a secular court
    4. (v5) The corinthians should be ashamed of their behavior
      1. Is it possble there is none wise among them (Remember how wise they considered themselves in Ch 1, 2, 3?
      2. Did they look among themselves and see noone qualified?
    5. (v6) Instead of behaving properly they were "going to law against each other.
      1. Done in plain view of the lost
        1. What would they think of these bickering Corinthian Christians?
        2. Who would Jesus sue?
  2. Who is at fault?
    1. (v7) The victims
      1. Not for being victimized, but for taking their brethren to court
      2. Better to
        1. Take wrong
        2. Be defrauded
          1. 1 Peter 2:18-25
    2. (v8) The Perpetrators
      1. defraud who???? Your own brethren?
    3. (v9) These are not the traits of a saved person! Whats up?
      1. Not the unrighteous, but he regenerated will inherit Kingdom of God
      2. Very similar to the list of people he referred to in Ch5 - brothers not to associate with.
        1. fornicators - sexually immoral
        2. idolaters - image worshippers
        3. adulterers - unfaithful
        4. effeminate - men acting like women (assume vice versa)
        5. abusers... - homosexuals
        6. (v10) thieves
        7. covetous - fraudsters
        8. drunkards
        9. revilers - abusive
        10. extortioners - swindlers
    4. (v11) Aren't even saved people guilty of these things?
      1. But the saved have been changed
        1. washed
        2. sanctified - purified, set apart
        3. justified - declared righteous before God
      2. All in the name of Jesus Christ
  3. What about Liberty?
    1. (v12) lawful
      1. Where can I go, what can I eat, what can I drink, who can I hang out with? These are questions of Liberty
      2. The short answer is like Paul - all these things are "lawful"
      1. not expedient
        1. Not useful
        2. In fact, they could be dowright harmful to the individual and to his testimony
      1. under the power
        1. Anything that was going to limit Paul's ability to carry out the mission God had set before him, Paul excluded
    2. (v13) Natural use
      1. Some might make the argument they are only doing what is natural
        1. Paul points out that because something is natural does not spare it God's judgment/ destruction
      2. Our bodies are not made for fornication ( the fulfillment of the body's desires)
        1. Parallel phrase
          1. Our bodies are made to serve God
          2. God is the only source of Life for our bodies
            1. (v14) God's completed work in Christ
              1. God's future work in our own resurrection
    3. (v15) members of Christ
      1. Many times the "body" analogies are used to describe Church
        1. Here it is used to describe an individual's relationship w/ Jesus
      2. Shocking proposition - make Jesus members (body parts) one with a prostitute ??!?!?!?
        1. God Forbid - May it never be!
      3. (v16) consider the facts - joined w/ a harlot the two become one flesh
      4. (v17) When we are joined to the Lord we share God's spirit.
    4. (v18) Flee fornication
      1. Joseph and Potiphar's wife
      2. Hurting our own bodies
    5. (v19) temple of the Holy Ghost
      1. Holy Ghost is in every believer
      2. God given
      3. God owned
    6. (v20) Glorify God
      1. his purchased posession
      2. purchased with a price - the blood of Christ
      3. Give God your body as well as your spirit, they both belong to God!

      4. Our body belongs to God, why

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