Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wed Night Lesson - 1 Corinthians 2:1-16

1 Corinthians 2:1-16

  1. Spiritual Approach (v1-5)
    1. Paul describes how he approached the Corinthians with the good news of Jesus and why.
      1. (v1) When he came to Corinth – Acts 18
        1. Not an Eloquent Approach. (Excellency of Speech)
          1. Paul was not a smooth talker.
            1. He was no Barak Obama.
            2. He did not have the polished rhetorical style of the Greeks.
        2. Not a Scientific Approach. (Wisdom)
          1. Paul did not rely on
            1. the science of the day
            2. human reasoning
        3. With God's Word
          1. declared – simply stated/preached/taught it.
          2. God's testimony – what God has revealed about himself.
      2. (v2) Sufficiency of Christ
        1. Paul did not try to “out Corinthian” the Corinthians.
          1. Their souls would not be won by the rhythm of Paul's words or the logic of Paul's argument.
          2. They needed to know about Jesus and the crucifixion.
            1. The Gospel is relevant.
      3. (v3) Paul's State – Scared?!?!?!?
        1. weakness (feebleness, frailty) Paul was not a physically powerful man. If his thorn in the flesh was chronic vision problems it might have made him seem all the more weak.
        2. fear (φοβω – phobo) – terror, fright
        3. trembling (τρομω – tromo) – tremors, quaking
      4. (v4) speech and preaching
        1. not enticing (persuasive) – think Billy Mays persuasive pitchman
        2. demonstration (manifestation)
          1. Spirit – God is present when His word is preached.
          2. power – The word of God created the cosmos – it is a powerful thing.
      5. (v5) Roots of faith
        1. If planted in the wisdom of men, faith is doomed to failure.
        2. Successful faith holds deep in the power of God
  2. Spiritual Wisdom (v6-8)
    1. Paul explains how what seems like foolishness to the corrupt world, is actually the wisdom of God.
      1. (v6) perfect - mature
        1. Those who are mature Christians realize just how wise the teachings of the Bible are
      2. (v7) mystery - hidden or secret thing. Not obvious.
        1. In Christ, the purpose and reason for everything floods our mind.
          1. We see death decimated.
          2. We see the grave ground to powder.
          3. We see the glory and the grace of God.
          4. The world just doesn't make sense w/o Jesus.
        2. Jesus is our glory too!
          1. Romans 8:16-17
      3. (v8) princes of this world - World Leaders
        1. The potential of insight
          1. They have the best intelligence.
          2. They have the most influence.
          3. They have the greatest resources.
          4. They should be the wisest according to all reason. But too often they miss the fact that this is God's world and that no matter what, he will be glorified by his world.
        2. The proof of blindness
          1. They crucified the Lord of Glory.
          2. Pilate thought he was being smart. The Jews thought they were being smart. Even Judas thought he was making a shrewd decision.
          3. They didn't know what God knew.
  3. Spiritual Discernment (v9-16)
    1. Paul explains the God given ability to understand and appreciate spiritual things.
      1. (v9) from Isaiah 64:4
      2. (v10) We understand what we understand about God because he has revealed it.
        1. In fact w/o the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit the Bible is just a book of stories.
      3. (v11)
        1. We understand things in context. Women understand things other women say better than men sometimes. Mechanics can talk about harmonic balancers and torque wrenches because they share experience and lingo.
        2. The only way we can know (perceive) things of God...
      4. (v12) We have received the Holy Spirit
        1. Indwells the believer upon faith.
        2. The Holy Spirit doesn't just lie dormant
          1. Allows us to Know (perceive) all the great things God has given us.
          2. How did Paul sing when he was thrown in the filthy Philippian jail? He perceived the spiritual reality around him.
      5. (v13) Thus - what we understand, so also we speak.
        1. We should not try to translate spiritual things into physical things.
      6. (v14) natural man
        1. He can read the same Bible and listen to the same sermon, but until the Holy Spirit takes up residence, he can't accept what he is hearing.
        2. It sounds foolish to his carnal mind.
        3. In fact, he is absolutely incapable of accepting it. (discern = judge/estimate/investigate)
      7. (v15) The Carnal can not judge the Spiritual.
        1. They try, but they will always measure by Carnal means.
      8. (v16) They can't judge spiritual things, because they don't know Spiritual things. God isn't instructing them because they are foreign to God.
        1. Saved individuals have the mind of Christ. We can understand. God can and will instruct us.

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