Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motivated For Ministry

Sermon Prep in Progress....

Romans 1:8-17

Subject: What Paul's motivation was in visiting the Church at Rome.

Complement: Paul sought to accomplish mutual encouragement, his duty to the Greeks and the Barbarians, and exercise the power of the Gospel among the Romans.

Proposition: The hearers should enjoy the faith of others and by the power of the Gospel seek to see more people come to faith.

Mutual Encouragement

Exegetical Idea: Paul sought to strengthen and encourage Roman believers as well as being encouraged by them.

Applicable Idea: Believers should look to one another for their own encouragement and opportunities to encourage other believers.
  1. Thanking
    1. Paul thanked God for the Roman believers themselves.
    2. Paul thanked God for the fame of the faith of the Roman believers.
  2. Praying
    1. Paul prayed for the believers in Rome.
    2. Paul prayed that he might according to God's will have occasion to visit the Church at Rome.
  3. Longing
    1. Paul longed to edify the Church at Rome spiritually.
    2. Paul longed to receive comfort from the Roman believers on account of the faith they shared.
  1. (v8) Thankfulness for The Fame of their Faith.
  2. (v9) Paul considered them a tool in evangelizing and edifying others.
  3. (v10) Consistently, prayerfully desired to visit them
  4. (v11) Wanted to strengthen them spiritually
  5. (v12) Restatement - Paul sought mutual encouragement. Faith building faith in one another
Mission Accomplishment
Task set before him....
  1. Purpose
  2. Debt
  3. Ready

  1. (v13) Previous challenges had prevented Paul from visiting.
  2. (v13) His purpose was the productive work of God.
  3. (v14) Paul considered himself in debted to these people though he didn't owe them anything in the common sense of the word.
  4. (v15) Thus, he was ready to preach the gospel

Message Omnipotent
The tool at Paul''s disposal
  1. (v16) He felt no shame in it. After all, it is the very power of God. It produces salvation to everyone.
  2. (v17) righteousness of God is all about faith. Starts with faith and ends with faith. ...THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.

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